How to Feed Poppy Plants

Poppy plants can grow in most climates, and actually do fairly well in the cold. The plants, which slightly resemble tulips, are most often used for the seeds that come within its bulb. Poppy seeds can be used for food products and poppy seed teas. If you are growing poppy plants and want the best possible crop, it is important that you properly feed and fertilize them.

Plant the poppy seeds right after the winter season has completed. Even though you are most likely going to experience some more cold days, the poppy plants are going to survive just fine because they can handle the cold weather.

Wait for the plants to grow to be around 10 inches tall. Up until this point, you need to just let the poppy seeds grow at their leisure.

Combine a liquid fertilizer, such as vegetable or fish fertilizers, with water. The actual proportions of the mixture are going to vary from product to product.

Spray the poppy plants with the liquid fertilizer. It is important to thoroughly coat the area around the base of the plant, allowing the root system to soak up the fertilizer.

Wait for the poppy plants to reach their peak and the petals of the bulbs to fall off. The lack of petals is going to expose the poppy seeds, making it the perfect time to harvest them.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
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