Toshiba Television Repair Advice

Updated February 21, 2017

The Toshiba line of television sets includes plasma, LCD and LED high-definition sets. Although these different classes of television sets use radically different types of technology to deliver high-definition images. However, if your Toshiba TV is not working correctly, there are some basic troubleshooting and repair steps you can take to fix the problem. These steps only cover simple repairs and will not void any warranties you have on your television.

Check input/output devices

When your Toshiba television isn't working, the first thing you should check is everything that is connected to it. A severed cable or misplaced component can cause your screen to look distorted, discoloured, or blank. Power off your television and take a look at the input cables in the back. Look for twisted cords, mismatched colours (in the case of component and composite cables) and damage to the cables themselves. If you see some exposed wire, you should be able to fix the damage with some electrical tape. If the wire has been severed, it will need to be replaced.

Software Issue

All Toshiba HD TV sets come with software that allows you to adjust the settings on your television. However, there is a fairly persistent glitch that has affected numerous users and prevented them from installing peripheral devices . To circumvent this glitch, put the set into standby mode (see your owner's manual for specifics) and then turn it on using the remote control. (Note: do NOT use the switch on the set itself.) This should clear up the glitch and allow you to install peripheral devices.

Power Issues

If the set turns on but then suddenly turns off, or will not power on at all, there is probably a problem with the power. If the television has been on for a long time, the lamp may have overheated. If you are using a plasma set, this will be especially evident as there will be a colour shift. Turn off the televsion and leave it off for several hours and then try again. If the TV is still not turning or staying on, check the power cord for damage and try using another power source. If the television is plugged in to a power strip, try connecting it directly to a wall outlet. If you are still having problems, the power transformer in your set is likely damaged and you will need to call Toshiba for further support.

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