DIY Build a Heavy Duty Wood Storage Box

Updated February 21, 2017

If you use a lot of firewood, you need a good, heavy-duty wood storage box to keep it accessible and close at hand. Having a box like this allows you to keep the wood inside in your garage or basement, so you won't have to go outside in the cold to fetch more firewood. The box will also serve as storage for toys, tools and large objects during the summer, when extra storage is often needed.

Plank and Frame

One way to build a really good wood storage box is to make it out of planks and a frame. In this type of construction, a solid frame is made of two-by-four boards in the shape of a box. The boards are attached with galvanised bolts and hardware. Attach thick plank boards (two-by-six sized lumber) to the outside of the frame with 4-inch wood screws. This adds additional rigidity to the box and also provides support for the frame, making the box very heavy-duty. This box will store wood, tools and outdoor furniture.

Plywood Wall Boxes

Another method of construction for a heavy duty wood storage box is to build a plywood frame structure. This is similar to building a wall. In this design, a frame is built from two-by-four boards. A series of studs are set every 12 to 16 inches along two horizontal frame boards. Attach each with wood screws or galvanised nails. Then lay 1/2 inch plywood onto both sides of the frame and attach this to the studs with two inch galvanised wood screws. The 1/2 plywood adds rigidity to the structure. Since it is on both sides, the structure will hold more weight and resist wear and tear.

Design Considerations

When you lay out your plans for a heavy-duty wood box, consider first the size and second the location of the box. Figure out how much wood you wish to store in the box and build the box accordingly. If you know you burn a full cord of wood throughout the year and want to fill the box only once, make it large enough to hold a complete cord. That is 4 feet wide, by 4 feet high and 8 feet long. If space is an issue, build the box as large as possible given the amount of room you have for storage. The fewer times you have to refill the box, the better.

Also consider the shape of the box. The most effective design is one that allows easy access to the wood inside. Elevating the box a few feet off the ground will alleviate the need for bending down to lift wood out. An access door built into the front of the wood box will also make the wood inside more accessible.

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