Blocked earache relief

Updated February 21, 2017

An earache is not a pleasant ailment, especially when the infection is caused by a blockage. Stifled hearing, itching and burning are the least of your worries. Getting rid of blocked ears early, before the earache becomes really serious, can be accomplished with some simple home remedies.

Swimmer's Ear

Try to unplug your ear immediately if it hurts when you pull or wiggle the ear lobe. That may indicate an infection of the inner ear canal called swimmer's ear. It usually occurs when water becomes trapped in the ear after swimming or taking a shower. This infection can be painful because the water blocks the ear, making it hard to hear. Due to the water's location, a serious infection is possible. If you have a mild case of swimmer's ear, ear drops made of equal amounts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol can be used. A few drops of the mixture are applied into the infected ear to clear up the problem. Alternatively, you can add a few drips of peroxide to each ear. Do not try a home treatment, however, if the ear produces drainage, especially if the drainage is white or has an odour, or if you have extreme hearing loss.


Clearing out earwax can relieve pressure in an infected ear. Also, an earwax blockage can prevent an ear drop treatment from working. To get rid of the wax, soften the blockage by applying a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil or glycerine with an eyedropper twice a day for two to four days. When the wax is softened in the ear canal, you can use a rubber ball syringe to squirt warm water carefully into the ear. After rinsing the ear, dry it out using a towel or hair dryer. If this does not remove the wax and clear up an infection, see your doctor. Do not attempt to dig out the wax because that may push it farther into the ear.


One of the most common causes of ear infection is the common cold. Mucus builds up, and inflammation in the throat and ear canals can cause the ears to become blocked. This condition is usually temporary, lasting throughout the cold and sometimes causing discomfort. To unplug ears, recommends closing your mouth and holding your nostrils closed while trying to push air out of your nose. That causes the ears to pop, letting you hear normally again. Also, decongestants, nasal spray antihistamines and nasal steroids can be taken to clear blocked ears.

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