Sony Television Repair Tips

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony is a reputable manufacturer of televisions of all shapes and sizes. Although there are significant differences among model numbers and styles, some television repair tips are constant among Sony TVs. Minor problems with audio and video are items that Sony TV repair tips can help you take care of on your own. Skip the repair technician and save your money. With Sony television troubleshooting tips, you can repair your Sony TV on your own.

Test the Problem

When you run multiple sources, such as an audio amplifier, a DVD player or a cable box, into your Sony TV, there's no guarantee the problem is with your TV. Try using alternate sources to diagnose the source of the problem. For example, if you notice problems when using the cable box, try to play a DVD. If the problem persists on both channels, you know it's a problem with your TV that you need to repair.

Audio Problems

If you don't have any audio coming out of your Sony TV, check the basics first. Make sure your TV isn't on "Mute." In addition, if there are headphones plugged into the headphones jack, all audio will play through the headphones instead of through your speakers. Unplugging the headphones will fix that problem. If you still have problems, adjust the "Audio" menu in your "Main Menu." Set the "MTS" to "Stereo" or "Main." Turn off the "Simulated Effect," and verify that your Sony "Speakers" are "On."

Video Problems

Poor video quality can really dampen your television viewing experience. Instead of tolerating it, take action to repair your picture and get it back up to your expectations. First, look at the screen to see if you notice any glares. Light reflecting off the screen of your Sony TV can make the picture seem like it's a lower quality than it really is. You may also have radio frequency interference, caused when you use vacuum cleaners, halogen light bulbs or battery operated toys near your television screen.

Radio frequency interference causes static to display on your screen, which you can easily fix by turning those devices off. In the Sony TV's "Main Menu," click on "Video" to make some adjustments to improve the quality of your picture. Turn the "Digital Noise Reduction" to the "On" position, and turn the "Digital Reality Creation" to the "Off" position. Adjusting the "Sharpness" of your picture can also help clear up poor picture quality.

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