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Updated November 22, 2016

If you want to use a Dremel for engraving, you can either purchase the specialised Dremel Engraver Kit, use the Dremel Stylus, or use an engraving cutter accessory on many of Dremel's rotary tools. Both types of engraving tools work on a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal and ceramic tile.


You may want a specialised Dremel Engraver tool if you need the option of a diamond engraving bit for hard materials like glass, if you plan to do a lot of engraving, or you want a low-cost tool that only does engraving. In contrast, you may prefer a Dremel Stylus or Dremel rotary tool with an engraving cutter accessory if you only do occasional engraving projects and want to be able to use the tool for other things, such as cutting, sanding and polishing.


The Dremel Engraver Kit comes with the engraver tool, which is especially designed for engraving. The Dremel Stylus also comes with an engraving cutter. Dremel engraving cutter accessory bits are compatible with a variety of rotary tools, including the Dremel 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series, and 400 Series XPR, the 4.8 V MiniMite Cordless, the 10.8V Lithium Cordless, the 7.2V Cordless MuiltiPro, and the Digital Rotary Tool, as well as the Single Speed, Two Speed and Variable Speed MultiPro models.


The engraving bits for Dremel rotary tools come in a variety of sizes. The model 105, 108 and 111 engraving cutters have a bit diameter of 1/32 inches. The 106, 109 and 113 model engraving cutters have a bit diameter of 1/16 inches. The 107 engraving cutter has a bit diameter of 3/32 inches. The 112 has a bit diameter of 3/64 inches, and the 110 has a bit diameter of 5/64 inches. The carbide and diamond engraving points for the Dremel Engraver tool come in one size only.


The Dremel Engraver Kit comes with an engraver tool, a carbide engraving bit, and a template for engraving letters and numbers. The engraver tool also has a diamond engraving bit available as an accessory, for use on glass and other hard surfaces. The engraver tool allows you to adjust the depth of the strokes, depending on how deep or fine you want the engraving. It does up to 7,200 strokes per minute, has a specification of 60 Hertz, and weighs 340gr.


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for buying and installing an accessory engraving cutter. Make sure the bit is securely attached to the tool, and secure the item you're engraving to a stable surface. Use the appropriate speed setting for the material, with faster speeds for hard materials and slower speeds for soft materials, such as plastic. Use caution when working with an engraving tool.

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