How Do I Unlock a Whirlpool Stove?

Updated February 21, 2017

Ovens are intriguing appliances to children. Many ovens have several different buttons and knobs, and the oven's window emit an orange glow when it's in use. To prevent children from using the oven while unattended, Whirlpool designed a locking mechanism that renders its ovens inoperable when the lock is enabled.

Control Lock

When your Whirlpool oven is locked, the words "Control Lockout" will appear on the LCD screen and none of the control buttons will work. In addition, the door will lock automatically, preventing access to the inner portion of the oven. To unlock the oven, press and hold the "Control Lock" button on the control panel to unlock the oven. When the oven unlocks, "Control Lock" will disappear from the LCD screen, the buttons will be operational and the door will open. You need to hold the "Control Lock" button for approximately three seconds before the oven will unlock.

If you have children in your home, you should lock the oven regularly. When you are finished using the oven, lock it again by pressing and holding the "Control Lock" button. The words "Control Lock" will appear on the screen when the oven is locked. Press any of the buttons and pull lightly on the oven door to ensure it's locked.

Self-Cleaning Lock

Whirlpool ovens with a self-cleaning feature have an automatic door-locking feature to prevent users from interrupting the cleaning process. The oven reaches a very high temperature during the cleaning function and could cause injury if the oven is opened during this process. When you start the cleaning process, the door will lock automatically. The word "Locked" will appear on the screen during cleaning.

To unlock the oven during the cleaning process, press the "Cancel/Off" button. Depending on the temperature of the oven, it may take several minutes to up to an hour before the door unlocks. "Unlocking" will appear in the display when the door unlocks.

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