Herbal cleanse for women's reproductive health

Updated November 21, 2016

Even if you're not yet ready to conceive, it's never too early to take care of your reproductive health, in addition to getting regular checkups with your gynecologist and being tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Many women use herbal-cleansing products to do so, both to rid the body of toxic build-up and to tone the uterus in preparation for conception.

Should you cleanse?

You may be wondering whether a fertility cleanse is right for you. A fertility cleanse has two main functions: to detoxify the liver of excess hormones, and cleanse the uterus. If you suffer from fatigue, a distended stomach, or irregular menstrual cycles, your uterus may not be ridding itself of excess blood. Toxins like alcohol, drugs, old menstrual blood and hormones can build up and cause an unhealthy environment for a developing foetus. Choose a fertility cleanse product that uses herbs and teas to dissolve unwanted toxins in the uterus and liver. You should not cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to cleanse

The Fertility Cleanse is available from the Natural Fertility Info website. After buying a fertility cleansing kit, use it in three phases, following your natural menstrual cycle. Rest for the first through fifth days of your cycle while you have your period. On the sixth day of your cycle, you will begin detoxifying the liver, through milk thistle seed extract, liver renew capsules, and liver cleanse flushing tea. Steps four and five, taking Conceptions Tea and Woman's Best Friend starting on Day 18 until the day your period begins and your cycle starts again, will strengthen and tone the ovarian-uterine area.

Cleanse Ingredients

The varied herbs included within the kit ensure that you will gain various benefits. Conceptions Tea and Woman's Best Friend contain herbs like liquorice, dong quai, and red raspberry. The liver cleanse tea and Liver Renew contain liver-cleansing herbs such as hibiscus, Chinese wolfberry, and Ginkgo biloba. A complete list of ingredients in the kit can be found in your instructions.

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