Creative Ways to Weigh Down Helium Balloons

Updated April 17, 2017

Helium balloons are used as decorations for a host of events ranging from birthday parties to weddings. Oftentimes people face the dilemma of how to display the balloons so that the items weighing them down, holding them in place, compliment them rather than settling for the same old drab, boring weights offered at most stores.

Potted Plants

Potted, three-inch plants serve two purposes. As balloon weights, they are practical. After the party is over these plants become parting gifts for a handful of guests. Your choice of plants is endless. You can choose flowering plants like violets or blooming cactus, or Aloe Vera or spider plants.

Wicker baskets also achieve hit status at various events. Fill the baskets with a colourful assortment of goodies or faux flower petals. Choose brightly coloured baskets or go for a monochromatic look by using a single colour.


If your shoes are to die for, if they define you, then this idea may be a dream come true. Show off those glittering mules, those red hot stilettos or those party-girl ankle strap heels. Tie the balloon strings around the heel or loop them through the buckle if your heels offer them. It will definitely cause buzz among your guests and is a fun way to hold down balloons for a girlie party.

Snow Globes

Snow globes vie for attention at winter events, especially when you use them to weigh down your array of balloons. This whimsical method is a unique alternative to those foil wrapped water balloons most people settle for. Simple Sellotape will hold the balloon strings to the bottom of the globes.

Coffee or Tea

Your collection of tea pots and cups can add a touch of whimsy to your helium balloon display. Attach a balloon clip to the bottom of the strings. Hold the clip in the bottom of the cups and pots then pour marbles on top to hold them in place. Alternate the cups with the tea pots and place cups on tea cup saucers. This particular idea works well at garden parties.

Switch things up a bit by opting for something a little more daring. Replace the fanciful with a brassy display of shot glasses. To hold the balloon strings down use quarters instead of marbles. If that isn't an option, tape the string to the bottom side of the shot glasses and use play money.

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