How Can I Hang Pictures on Wood Paneling Without Using Nails?

Updated April 17, 2017

You rent an apartment and want to do something to cover that ugly wood panelling. Pictures and mirrors are good distractions from the wood panelling, but you must be creative not to use nails or risk being hit in the head by your family picture when you sit on the couch. There are ways to hang pictures without using nails, keeping your lease intact as well as the ugly walls.

Adhesive Hangers

If you want to hang a picture but don’t want to damage the wall's wood panelling, adhesive hangers, such as 3M Command Picture Hangers, are probably your best bet. These allow you to hang your picture but also to remove it without damaging your walls. The adhesive releases when you pull the tab; so the panelling should be safe. Test the hanger in an inconspicuous spot, however, before using it in the middle of the wall. Command Picture Hangers come in three different types: Picture Hanging Strips, Sawtooth Picture Hangers and Wireback Picture Hangers. Picture Hanging Strips attach directly to the wall and your pictures and click together, securing your pictures to your panelling. These may be better for heavy pictures because there is no limit to how many strips you can use. Sawtooth Picture Hangers attach to your wall with an adhesive strip, and you hang the picture on the hanger as you would a nail. Wireback Picture Hangers work the same way as the Sawtooth Picture Hangers, only the hook is designed for pictures you hang with wire. Whenever you decide to move out, or to redecorate, pull the tabs and there will be no trace of the picture.

Other Sticky Options

Depending on the weight of your picture, you may have some luck with double-sided tape. Don’t be stingy with the tape, either; the more you use, the more secure your picture will be. On the All Experts website, Sara Tro suggested using heavy-duty fabric fasteners, which allow the interchangeability you crave, leaving you the option to swap pictures around. If you hang lightweight pictures on wood panelling, masking tape and painter’s tape may work for you. As with the Command Picture Hangers, always try the sticky options in inconspicuous places on the panelling first to make sure some of the wood look does not come off when they are removed. Tacks and picture hanging kits may work but will leave small holes in your panelling. So talk to you landlord before trying those options.

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