How to Get a High Score in "Mahjong Titans"

Written by alex ramirez | 13/05/2017
How to Get a High Score in "Mahjong Titans"
Plan out your "Mahjong Titans" moves to avoid running out of available matches. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Increasing your score in the computer game "Mahjong Titans" can take time and practice, but there are many strategies you can implement into your play that should help increase your score immediately. In the game, points are awarded for clicking on matching tiles, which removes them from the board; to win, you must clear the board of all its tiles. At the end of each round, you are given bonus points depending on how quickly you finished the board. To give your score a quick boost, focus on leaving as many available options for eliminating tiles as possible and gaining a familiarity with the board layouts in "Mahjong Titans."

Remove any stacked tiles. A stacked tile covers multiple tiles. Eliminating these at the beginning of a game can open up more possibilities for points and tile removal earlier in the game.

Remove any corner tiles and any tiles at the end of a row. Moving from the outside of the tile layout in is usually more effective than working through the board vertically.

Examine the board and plan a strategy that will enable you to click on hard-to-reach tiles. Playing without planning your moves could cause you to run out of available matches more quickly, which results in a lower score.

Leave pairs that will not open new matches for last. Instead focus on matching tiles that will open up the most possible matches for your future turns.

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