Ideas for Scattering Ashes

Written by catherine copeland | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Scattering Ashes
Many people wish their ashes to be scattered across wide open land. (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

When a person loses a loved one who chose to be cremated, the scattering of ashes can be an emotional and poignant ceremony. This act is a way for a person to reach his final resting place --- often a location he loved dearly in life. There are many different options when choosing where and how to scatter ashes.

Personal Property

Often, a person becomes deeply attached to the property that she owns during a lifetime. This may be a dream home that she built from the ground up, or possibly a lakefront property at which she enjoyed spending her weekends. Either way, people often prefer their ashes to be scattered across their private property. They feel it is an appropriate tribute to the time, energy and love they put into their home.

Recreational Space

Another place where ashes are often scattered is recreational spaces that a person may have loved during his lifetime. These spaces include hunting grounds and hiking trails. They also might include a mountain, a nearby lake or ocean or possibly even a golf course. Scattering ashes across a favourite open space is a tribute to who the departed was as a person, and it allows him to become a part of his favourite area.

Over Water

One of the most popular places to scatter ashes is over a body of water. This is a moving tribute, and it allows a person to become one with where all life began. The deceased may have requested to have her ashes scattered over a small, local lake, but it is also possible to scatter ashes over the oceans as well. This tribute allows the ashes to be scattered far and wide, creating a poignant tribute to a person.

In the Air

For a more unique take on scattering ashes, consider dispersing his ashes into the air. This can be done via hot air balloon, depending on the time of the year and the weather. This moving tribute would be appropriate for someone who loved adventure and open air. Consider taking the balloon high above his favourite area and allowing his ashes to rest where the wind takes them.

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