How Do I Set Up a Raffle to Raffle Off a Car?

Updated April 17, 2017

So you want to raffle off a new car? Generally raffles are used as fundraisers for non-profit organisations and community clubs. Raffles can also be used for personal use to make cash fast in a financial crisis. No matter why you want to organise a raffle, the idea of entering a lottery of chance can be enticing to many people for many reasons. Read on to find out how to organise a raffle to auction of a new car.

Get the Word Out

The first step to organising a raffle is to get the word out. Placing advertising in high traffic locations can be helpful to letting people know about your raffle. Try postering at college campuses, grocery stores or restaurants. Let people know that you are raffling a new car, how much tickets cost, and when and where the raffle will be held. In most cases people will be very interested in getting a brand new car for the price of one or two raffle tickets.

Set-up to Sell

Now that the public is buzzing about your raffle and the possibility of winning a new car, sell them tickets. The most effective way to sell tickets is to set up in locations where you have previously advertised. If you are doing the raffle for charity, chances are many businesses will be happy to allow you to set up in their lobby or in front of their store. The most important part of selling tickets is drawing people to your table.

Draw People In

Chances are using brightly coloured signs isn't enough to make people walk up to your table. You have to get on your feet and talk to potential raffle participants face to face. It might be best to work in teams. One person can stay by the table and the other can act as a satellite, with the freedom to engage with the public. Don't forget to share all the perks of buying a raffle ticket: low cost with a big pay out; its for a good cause; it is always fun to win a new car. If you are doing the raffle for charity make sure to have pamphlets for buyers to take with them, so they know their money is going some place good. It is also a good idea to have the car on sight or a picture of the car with you so people can see what they are buying tickets for.

It's Raffle Time

So you have advertised, set up and sold tickets. Now you have a ton of cash and a raffle to produce. Make sure to have the drawing in a public place. Orchestrating a small event or party that all raffle ticket holders are invited to will make for a great strong ending. Plus, it is important to show that the raffle was conducted fairly. Place all of your tickets stubs in a mixed up pile, draw a ticket, announce the winner and give away a brand new car!

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