Home Remedy for Correcting Porous Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Porous hair is defined by the effects that moisture has on the cortex region. Normal hair is compact and readily absorbs moisture. Porous hair, on the other hand, absorbs moisture based on the level of porosity. Low porous hair is dense with moisture penetration difficulties. Highly porous hair is severely damaged and acts as a sponging agent. These conditions are aggravated by colouring, straightening and curling, which contributes to weaken brittle hair.


Porous hair structure is fragile, easily broken and lifeless. Conditions are prevalent during extreme dry climate conditions and frizzy on muggy, humid days.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, also referred to as coconut butter, is a by- product of the coconut and has a long history as a powerful beauty agent. Coconut oil adds moisture to porous hair, strengthening the hair by infiltrating the hair shaft. In order to achieve the best results, you should apply the oil immediately after a shower or bath. Apply small amounts of coconut butter to wet hair and massage well; the goal is to oil the hair without making it oily and slippery. The majority of the oil should be spread on the shaft, with small amounts to the roots, if any. If you accidentally apply too much oil to the hair, the only alternative is to shampoo the hair. An advantage of using coconut oil is that the hair is glossy. The cost is inexpensive and it is readily available.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used to rid tresses of build-up. It is effective due to the high content of acetic acid, which removes build-ups and restores the loss of essential nutrients. This leave the hair softer, shinier and stronder. This treatment is not only effective for porous hair, it also acts as a dandruff treatment method. Colour-treated hair should avoid this treatment because it could remove the hair colour. If the scent is an issue, you can add essential oils such as lemon or lavender.


When we think of beer, we think of the brew as a drink, not as a hair treatment. But beer is extremely helpful in combating porosity symptoms. Beer helps remove build-up on the scalp and opens the pores, resulting in gorgeous shiny hair. It can be used as setting lotion. Pour it into a spray bottle, and spray on the hair after shampoo. The beer odour is dispersed in the air so the scent will not be a factor.

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