Instructions for Making Yucca Root Powder Shampoo

Updated November 21, 2016

Herbal shampoos purchased at a salon can be very pricey, and often these manufactured blends still contain lots of unnatural chemicals. Making all-natural, mild shampoo out of yucca root powder can be a simple procedure that anyone can do at home with just a few ingredients. Yucca root shampoo has been used effectively to prevent dandruff, leaving hair soft and silky after use.

Prepare Yucca Roots

Dig up or purchase whole yucca plants in order to use the roots. Cut away the stems and buds of the plant, leaving only the whole root. After thoroughly rinsing the roots in warm water, use a knife to chop the roots into small pieces. Place the yucca root pieces into a blender and mix them into a soft mash. When the yucca roots have turned light amber in colour, they're ready. Spread the mash on a clean counter or plate and allow it to dry completely in natural sunlight. This process creates a powder-like substance which can be kept in dry storage, undamaged, for many months.

Make the Yucca Root Powder Shampoo

When making this herbal shampoo, remember that a little yucca root powder goes a long way. You need only a handful of the powder to create a foamy shampoo. In order to release the natural suds and cleansing nature of this substance, it's only necessary to remoisturize the dry powder with water. Mixing the water and powder together will create a natural foam. Fill a clean sink or bowl with warm water. Your hands and the vessel holding the water should both be free of grease, which has an adverse reaction to yucca root powder. Add the yucca root powder and vigorously swirl the substance around. Rather than using a bowl or sink, you could mix the dried powder and water in a blender for quicker results.

Using the Yucca Powder Shampoo

Skim off or strain the pulp that will float to the top of the water and yucca root powder mixture. The remaining mixture will be a soapy, foamy liquid shampoo which you can use to clean your hair. The result is shiny, healthy hair.

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