The Best DVD for Teaching Toilet Training

For many parents, toilet training can be intimidating, especially with the first child. If you have never potty trained a toddler before, you might want help from outside sources, such as experts, books and movies. There are many DVDs that can help with potty training, some that are designed to motivate the child who watches them and some that help educate the parents.

DVDs for Toddlers

Toilet training DVDs aimed at toddlers usually help motivate and inspire toddlers to want to use the potty by showing them other children using the toilet. The most popular of these types of DVDs show favourite characters learning to use the potty, such as "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD, in which Elmo learns to use the potty. Another popular choice is the "Once Upon a Potty" DVD, based on the best-selling book by Alona Frankel, in which a young child learns what a potty is for. Some of the most successful of these types of DVDs use real children instead of animation, such as the "Potty Power" DVD.

These DVDs are helpful because they demonstrate use of the potty, and they also show that accidents are normal. They encourage toddlers to be excited and proud about using the potty independently. You can show these DVDs to your young toddler to begin to introduce him to the idea of using the toilet. If your toddler wants to, you can even encourage him to sit on the potty while watching the DVD, so he can begin to get used to the potty while watching the movie.

DVDs for Parents

Other toilet training DVDs are designed for parents to watch, and they teach particular methods of toilet training. One popular example is "Potty Whispering," which instructs parents on the practice of gentle infant potty training. To use this method, you should ideally begin helping your baby be aware of her elimination when she is very young, preferably younger than six months. You help her associate a cue sound or word with the act of elimination, and you help her eliminate in an appropriate place, such as a little potty or the adult toilet. Over time, your baby gradually begins to take initiative in telling you when she needs to go. Because it is gentle and gradual, this method is also good for toddlers who are interested in potty learning but are young for conventional training, such as toddlers who are younger than two.

Another toilet training DVD geared for parents of older toddlers is the "Potty Training in One Day" DVD. This movie teaches the method of potty training in a single day by first making sure your child is fully ready, then preparing her, and then saying goodbye to diapers forever. In this method, you focus most of your potty training effort in a single day, during which your child will learn how to use the potty, although she may still have accidents during the week or two of follow-up. The one-day method requires a doll that your child "teaches" to use the potty. In this method, you should have your child practice after an accident by running to the potty from different places in the house, pulling her pants down, sitting on the potty and then pulling her pants back up. This helps your child build the muscle memory to be able to get to the potty on her own when she needs to go.

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