How Do I Group Pictures to Text Boxes in PowerPoint?

Mixing text slides, pictures and charts create effective presentations through PowerPoint. Adding descriptive text blocks as captions or labels enhances visuals and highlights specific sections. The Drawing toolbar activated from the top menu enables users to create a grouped unit of selected objects through the "Grouping" function. Once objects are grouped as a unit, the block can be repositioned as desired. The Drawing toolbar also includes functions to "Ungroup" and "Regroup" the unit for revisions.

Create Elements of Slide

Elements on a slide include text boxes, graphics, pictures and charts. Each element becomes an object on the slide.

To insert a graphic (e.g., photo or picture), select "Picture from File" under "Insert" in the top menu bar and select the file from the list. Use the "Insert" function to add objects such as a picture, clip art or a movie clip. Inserted elements can be resized by clicking a corner of the object and dragging the corner of the picture to enlarge or reduce.

A text box for a caption enhances a visual with a description. After selecting the "Text box" option under "Insert," draw a box on the slide. Click this text box and type the desired information. Text boxes can be formatted using the top toolbar or through the Format-Font function (accessed in the top menu bar).

Grouping Function

Individual objects can be grouped as a unit. The Drawing toolbar displays a series of functions as buttons, such as shapes, arrows and arrangement order. Select "Toolbar" under "View" and then select the "Drawing" option to activate the Drawing toolbar.

Choose the objects in a group by selecting the first object and holding down the "Control" key to select multiple items. After selecting the desired objects, click the first button in the Drawing toolbar (looks like a capital "A" with a cube) for the "Group" option. The objects will be grouped as a unit and may be repositioned. While grouped objects may be resized as a block (like resizing a picture), text may become distorted during this process; ungroup the unit to revise an object.

Revising Grouped Objects

Any element on a slide may be revised, formatted or replaced, including an object in a group. Make text revisions by highlighting the letters or words in the text box and typing the replacement characters. Since revisions and replacements may affect how the grouped objects are arranged, ungroup the unit before revising a specific object.

Select the grouped unit and then ungroup the objects by selecting the "Ungroup" option on the Drawing toolbar (through the first button). Since all objects will be highlighted after ungrouping, click the outside of the slide to deselect the objects and then click only the desired object to be revised. After revisions are completed, click one of the previously grouped objects and select the "Regroup" function from the Drawing toolbar (also under the first button).

Alternatively add text blocks or graphics to the grouped unit by selecting both the new object and the unit and then click the "Group" function (as described in section 2).

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