Diy lollipop display holders

Updated April 17, 2017

You can use many strategies to display lollipops. Whether you are selling lollipops, making a game out of counting them, using them as prizes or having them displayed for any other purpose, you can find a DIY lollipop display holder that can suit your needs. Dale Henry, who makes and sells crafts in Waconda, South Dakota, shares some strategies.

Fake Planting Material

Make your own lollipop display holders using fake planting material. The green, mushy material that artists and crafters use to display fake flowers is also good for lollipops. The material is made to hold stems of flowers tightly. So, buy some fake planting material in square or chunks. You can cut it with a knife to make different shapes, or you can use regular glue to hold several pieces together. You can make a triangle or glue pieces together to make a pyramid or another shape. Then, stick your lollipops into this material.

Fake planting material works well because it is usually a deep green colour, which is just fine for displaying something like lollipops. You can also spray paint the material if you want it to be another colour, but be aware that spray paint often flakes off this material.


Use styrofoam to make a DIY lollipop display holder. Styrofoam is a material that will also allow lollipop sticks to be stuck into it. You can buy large chunks of styrofoam at craft stores, or you can get them at other artisan supply stores. Use a knife to cut the styrofoam into shapes that you like, or you can glue pieces together. Then, stick the lollipops by their sticks into the styrofoam. You will need to spray paint the styrofoam, however, because typically you only can get it in white, and that isn't as nice to look at for a display.

Wooden Display

Make a wooden lollipop display easily. Make a box or cube out of wood with six sides, and make it hollow inside. The dimensions will depend on your own preference, but it should be at least 4 inches deep for regular lollipops and bigger if you are displaying bigger lollipops. Then, use a drill to make holes in the wood. You can make them in a pattern or make them randomly around the cube. You can stick the lollipops into this display holder, as well.

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