How Do I Get My Sharp TV to External Speakers?

Updated July 20, 2017

The speakers on your Sharp TV are most likely underpowered for anything more than listening in a small room. An excellent way to get the most out of your TV's sound is to connect it to external speakers. Whether you use a simple amplifier or a two-speaker set-up, your viewing enjoyment will be greatly increased thanks to this easy upgrade.

Before you connect

Take a look at your TV's back panel before you perform this task. Most Sharp TVs (unless they are very old) have red and white RCA audio outputs that can easily transfer the audio to an amplifier or audio shelf system. If your TV doesn't have them, you must connect RCA audio cables directly from each source connected to your TV, like a DVD player, VCR or cable box. You'll also need an amplifier (or receiver) and RCA cables to run the audio between it and your TV. Speakers and speaker wire are also a must. If you don't have speaker wire, pick up a roll of it (and any other cables) at your local electronics store.

Speaker options

Now that you've decide which input, outputs and cables you'll be using, it's time to decide what kind of speakers you'll be connecting to. Most shelf and floor speakers are meant to be connected to an amplifier or receiver via speaker cables. Some powered speakers and home theatre kits include a built-in amplifier on the speaker or subwoofer. Although it sounds complicated, the only thing to look for is a free set of red and white RCA inputs on the back of the speaker or amplifier.

Making the connection

When you're ready to connect your TV to the speakers, simply plug one end of the red/white RCA cable into your TV's red/white RCA output jacks. These are clearly labelled on the back of your Sharp TV. Make sure the colours match up. Next, find a pair of free RCA inputs on the back of your amplifier or speakers and plug the other end of the cable into that. Make sure your speakers are hooked up properly to the amplifier--they should be attached using copper speaker wire. Simply cut the wire to the proper length, strip the ends, and plug in each end to the binding posts on the back of the speakers and amplifier.

Tune your amplifier to the proper input (use the amp's front panel controls) and turn on your TV. If everything is set up properly, you should hear the TV's sound coming from the external speakers.

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