Home remedy for cleaning a black ceramic stove top

Ceramic hobs have benefits and drawbacks. Their smooth surface allows them to cook food evenly and is easy to wipe down at the end of the day. However, they are also susceptible to spills "cooking in" the surface. This makes the spills almost impossible to remove. However, there are several methods that can be used to remove even the toughest stains.

Non-Abrasive Cleaning

If you prefer to clean your black ceramic hob without the use of commercial cleaners, there are some household products that can be used to effectively clean the hob. A mixture of equal parts ammonia and water allowed to sit on grime for several minutes will remove most stains. Wet the stove and allow the solution to sit for several minutes. Then apply a razor blade to carefully remove stains. Use the razor blade at a 45-degree angle to prevent scratches.

Another way to polish the surface of a ceramic stove is to use a hand-held sander. Remove the sandpaper and place a damp rag over the sander. Use this over the stove as if sanding it and the surface will quickly shine again.

Gritty Cleaners

Sometimes nothing is as effective as cleaning the surface of a stove as gritty cleaners. Baking soda is an excellent abrasive cleaner to use with black ceramic stoves because it provides enough grit to eliminate stains, but not enough abrasion to cause scratches. Abrasive cleaning powders purchased from a home supply store work equally well at removing grim. Sprinkle the powder onto the stove and rub in with a damp cloth.

Other Cleaning Tips

The best way to keep your black ceramic hob clean is to clean spills quickly after they occur. If you allow the stains and spills to recook into the surface of the stove they become almost impossible to remove. If you notice a spill onto your stove, clean it up right away. Thick foaming bathroom cleaners also effectively clean black ceramic hobs.

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