Ideas for Writing on Bridal Shower Cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

The bridal shower is a special moment in a woman's life that celebrates her upcoming nuptials with close friends and family. The bridal shower cake is typically a centrepiece of the gathering. Attention is given not only to its visual appearance but also the message it communicates to the future bride. Give some thought to the writing on the cake early on, and it just may lead to a cake design idea.


Use a message specific to the bride and groom to add a personal touch. Write any phrases of warm wishes ending with "the future Mrs. (groom's last name)." An interlocking decorative design featuring the names of the bride and groom or "Mr. and Mrs. (groom's last name)" together with the wedding date is a nice tribute to the couple. Personalise the cake even further with words that hold special meaning to the pair (where they first met, the location of their first date, nicknames for each other and their song).


A less formal message can be used for more lighthearted brides with a sense of humour. Use a witty phrase that pertains particularly to the bride or to marriage in general. Examples include "Congrats on taking the plunge," "The search is over," "Our sweet (bride's name) is finally getting hitched," "Here's to the boss" or "All the best to our bridezilla."


Use words that communicate a heartfelt message of well wishes shared by everyone in the room. Examples include "Wishing you a lifetime of happiness," "Lots of love for your new life together," "All the best to a beautiful couple" or "Wishing you a long, happy marriage." Use a sentimental phrase in conjunction with a cake decorated with photos. One that shows the bride as a little girl next to her engagement picture might read, "A little girl's dream come true."

Pop Culture

When seeking a more poetic way to express love, research famous words from poets, songwriters and the movies. "Where there is love, there is life" is a fitting quote from Indian activist Gandhi. For brides who like poetry, take part of a line from Robert Browning that states, "The best is yet to be." Popular romantic songs offer suitable words, such as, "At last, my love has come along" from "At Last" by Etta James. Memorable lines are also found in scores of romantic movies. "Love actually is all around" from "Love Actually" refers to the love between the couple and the love and support given to them from party attendees.


If the party has a theme, use a little creativity and play on words to tie the writing into the theme amid a message about love, happiness or marriage. A Vegas theme might state, "To our girl, who's lucky in love." Sometimes the party has no overall theme, but the cake clearly does. A country-loving bride might have a cake decorated with horses in a pasture along with the words "Happy trails (bride's name) and (groom's name)," while a chocolate-loving bride might be presented with a cake that looks like a chocolate bar stating, "How sweet it is! Congratulations, (bride's name)."

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