Mazda 6 Oil Pan Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

The Mazda 6 is a midsize car that has been produced since 2002. The oil pan on a Mazda 6 resides under the engine, and if damaged it may leak oil. With some moderate mechanical skills, you can change your own oil pan and avoid a costly repair bill.


Park your car on a completely flat surface, and apply the parking brake to ensure that the car will not move. Release and lift the bonnet of the Mazda, and use a socket wrench to remove the negative cable from the battery. Bend the negative cable away from the battery terminal so that all power to the car is disabled.

Locate the undercover for the engine; remove the four screws holding it in place, using a crescent wrench, and set it aside. Use a Mazda jack to lift up the right front wheel, and unscrew the lug nuts by turning them counterclockwise with a lug wrench. Remove the right front wheel to expose the underside of the engine, and slide a jack stand underneath the axle for safety.


Place an oil drip pad underneath the engine, and centre it so the oil pan is directly above it. Use a crescent wrench to unscrew the oil drip plug, which is on the back of the oil pan. This will allow the oil to flow out of the pan and into the oil drip pad, which you can recycle.

Use the crescent wrench to remove the dipstick pipe and O-ring from the oil pan. Use a socket wrench to remove all the bolts from the perimeter of the oil pan. Remove the bolts in a crisscross fashion; pull out one bolt, then the one opposite it. Support the pan with one hand to keep it from drooping down, which can bend the ends of the pan. If the oil pan will not release itself, use a separator tool to remove it. Remove both the oil pan and the gasket around it, being careful not to damage the gasket.

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