Homeowner Grants for Home Improvement

Updated March 23, 2017

Home improvement financing is not always loan-based. For emergency home repairs, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has introduced grants for low-income families to provide quick financial assistance. The government also provides home renovation grants for elderly and disabled. The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides home grants for improving, repairing, modernising or removing safety and health hazards. According to, finding home improvement grants is more difficult than finding a home repair grant. However, there are a few ways you can locate a grant for home improvement.

Types of Grants

According to, the difference between a loan and a grant is that the money you receive from a loan is to be returned to the government or the financial institution, however, the grant money is not to be repaid. Some of the basic home improvement grants being offered are emergency home improvement grants, moving and construction grants, home improvement grants for interior and exterior improvements, repairs, renovations and maintenance, home improvement grants for roofing, plumbing and electrical work, home improvement grants for remodelling, expanding and adapting your home, energy efficiency home improvement grants for heating and cooling, home improvement grants and down payment, and housing vouchers.

Locating Grant

The process of locating a home improvement grant varies from state to state because of the varying policies of local governments. You might have local lending companies offering their services for assisting you with the search. Moreover, there are online companies who would charge you for locating the appropriate home improvement grant and other types of financial assistance.

Non-Profit Organizations

You can also find a grant with the help of non-profit organisations. For instance, there are many urban localities throughout the United States that have Fair Housing Resource Center--a non-profit organisation that offers housing programs for people. Similar organisations deal chiefly with discrimination issues; however, they also provide assistance in showing the right direction to people looking for home improvement grants.

Local Municipality

Another alternative for finding a home renovation grant is through local municipality. There are some cities that offer grants for emergency repair. These grants are quite similar to home improvement grants. These grants are offered to people from low-income groups to deal with urgent problems, such as broken furnace and leaking roof.

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