Ford Power Steering Hose Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

Replacing the power steering hose on a Ford car does not need to be an intimidating project. Provided you have the proper tools and the correct information, it should not be a very difficult process.


There are a few specialised tools that are required in order to successfully remove a power steering hose from a Ford car or truck. First, you will need a vehicle lift, or some way to raise the vehicle a few feet off the ground. Then, you will need some container to drain fluid into. You will also need tools to remove bolts and screws. There is one particular tool necessary for the procedure: a hose clip remover and installer, model number 24-003. Having these tools will make the process much easier.


Before you do anything else, disconnect the battery negative lead. You do not want to have power running through the car's components while you are working with them.

Lift the car up and off the ground. Take off the lower engine shield. There should be a series of bolts around the side that you need to remove. If you have a Ford car with a V6 engine variant, you will next have to remove the engine cover. Other models should not have an engine cover. On top of the engine, you should see the coil multi-plug and the high tension leads. Disconnect both of them. Beneath that, you should find the coil assembly. It consists of the coil itself, as well as a bracket. The assembly should be connected with four bolts on the corner. Remove them, and lift off the bracket and then the coil. Empty the cooling system. Using the hose clip remover and installer, remove the cooling system top hose. Disconnect the pressure switch multi-plug and remove the pressure switch.

Now you should finally have reached the power steering hose. Disconnect it by removing the pipe clamp bolt, disconnecting the power steering pipe, and disconnecting the power steering hose. There may be variations on this process, depending on what kind of engine you have. See your vehicle's repair manual for more information.

Once the hose is disconnected, drain the fluid into a proper container. Disconnect the fluid reservoir hoses. Find the power steering pipe clamp plate and remove the bolt at its top. Once again, allow the fluid to flow into a proper container, and blank off the pipe connections. Now there should be two power steering pipes connected to the steering gear. Disconnect the pipes from the gear. Disconnect the fluid cooler pipe. Now you should be able to lift out the hoses.

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