The Best Wood to Make Exterior Doors

Updated April 17, 2017

In recent years, entry and exterior doors have been made of materials other than wood. Metal and fibreglass have become popular alternatives to more expensive wood doors. Wood is still the most popular material for exterior doors because of its look and durability. While there are many different varieties of wood that are good for exterior doors, some types have advantages over others.

White Oak

White oak is a popular choice for exterior doors. White oak is durable and is resistant to pressure, something that exterior doors encounters regularly. White oak rates higher strength-in-bending tests over other woods like ash. Another reason for white oak's popularity is the fact that it is decay-resistant and resists moisture very well.


Mahogany is another common choice by homeowners and builders for exterior doors, although it is more expensive than other wood varieties. Mahogany is used by most boatbuilders because it is so water-resistant and does not warp or swell. Another benefit of mahogany is that it has very few knots and has a clean look.


Maple is also a very durable wood for exterior doors. Maple is easy to cut and finish and is naturally resistant to extreme weather. Maple, however, tends to shrink over time.


Teak is one of the best choices for resisting moisture and being durable. Teak is very hard and it is a good choice for exterior doors that will come in contact with a variety of weather elements.


Cherry is a very durable wood that is also full of colour. Cherry is a good choice for exterior doors, however, it is usually more expensive than other wood varieties.

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