Homemade Fire Engine Cake

Updated June 26, 2018

Fire engines can be fascinating for young children. Turning the love of shiny fire trucks into a party theme can bring smiles to the birthday child. A fire engine cake can be a perfect way to end a party on a sweet note. You do not need to rely on a bakery to create a show-stopping cake. A three-dimensional cake that resembles a fire engine is easier than you might think. Anyone with basic cake decorating skills can handle this edible fire engine.


Gather all supplies before you begin the construction of the fire engine cake. You will need two 9-inch by 13-inch baked and cooled cakes. For a larger fire engine cake, use larger sheet cakes. You will also need buttercream icing that is tinted with red gel food colouring, chocolate doughnuts for the wheels and fondant for the accents. Craft stores sell pre-made fondant in the cake decorating section. The tools you will need include an offset spatula, a serrated knife, a rolling pin, a cake board and a fondant cutter.


You will want to cut both sheet cakes in half lengthwise. Stack three cake halves on the cake board, spreading a layer of buttercream icing between each layer to hold them together. Cut the remaining section of cake in half width-wise. Stack these two pieces at one end of the cake to create the cab of the fire engine. Cover the entire cake with a crumb coat. The crumb coat is just a very thin layer of buttercream icing that traps the crumbs so they do not show. After the crumb coat dries, use the offset spatula to cover the entire cake with a thicker layer of red buttercream icing.


The decorations make the cake look like an actual fire engine. Place the chocolate-covered doughnuts on the sides of the cake to create the wheels. Fill the centres of the doughnuts with icing to cover the holes. Cut doors, windows, the front bumber and other embellishments from the fondant. Place them on the cake. The buttercream icing will hold them in place. Use the fondant like play dough to make a ladder, bell for the top of the fire engine, lights, and any other embellishments you want on the truck. Another option is to use sweets for the decorations. Gum drops work well for the lights, pretzel sticks make an edible ladder and a piece of liquorice doubles as a hose.

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