Alternatives to Vitamix

Updated February 21, 2017

High-performance blenders can make eating healthy easier. You can blend raw vegetables to make nutritious juices and soups, you can make smoothies with no ice chunks, and you can purée fruits to use in a variety of recipes. Among high-performance blenders, the Vitamix 5200 is a popular option, but there are alternatives to consider.


A higher horsepower and the ability to blend even hard foods and ice into a smooth consistency are what set the Vitamix blender apart from most household blenders. Many manufacturers have their own line of high-performance blenders available. Waring’s MX1000R Pro blender is the same size as the Vitamix and offers three horsepower versus the Vitamix 5200’s two horsepower. The Vitamix’s lid makes adding ingredients while blending possible where the Waring’s does not. The two are comparably priced, but it is often easier to find discounts on the Waring model.

Hamilton Beach

At the other end of the affordability scale, are the Hamilton Beach three-horsepower blenders. Their capacity is the same as that of the Vitaminx or Waring blenders, but the Hamilton Beach HBH850 comes with a sound enclosure to reduce blending noise and also has more sophisticated settings, including a timer with auto shut off.

Bar Maid

The Bar Maid two-horsepower blender is similar in price, size and power as the Vitamix, making it another feasible option.

Making Your Decision

With so many choices in a variety of price ranges, choosing the best high-performance blender for you comes down to your personal preferences concerning style and design. Budget is also a consideration. Options range between £195 on the low end to £520 with several options in the £260 to £325 range.

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