Do testosterone boosters work?

Written by laura agadoni | 13/05/2017

Testosterone boosters are controversial. Many bodybuilders and athletes swear by them; however, there are questions regarding their safety, and men under the age of 25 should not take them at all. When a man’s natural testosterone levels decrease, he may experience a lack of energy and an inability to gain muscles. Testosterone boosters can boost energy levels and allow for fast muscle gain.

They Do Work

Raised testosterone levels helps gain muscle. For this reason, bodybuilders and weight trainers use testosterone boosters to increase their strength and size. In addition, many men who experience a testosterone deficiency can benefit by taking testosterone boosters. Not only do these boosters help with muscles, they also boost energy, enhance the sex drive and reduce body fat. They are very powerful, however, and people should discuss them with their doctor before taking them.

Different Types

Steroids are a testosterone booster but are illegal. Many people use creatine supplements instead, because they are legal and safer than steroids. Our bodies naturally produce creatine to supply energy to our muscles, and creatine is very popular among weightlifters.

Other types of testosterone boosters contain herbal ingredients that claim to give you more muscle. They include herbs such as magnesium, tribulus, terrestris, zinc and ginseng.

Side Effects

There is no clinical safety evidence that proves testosterone boosters are safe. Testosterone boosters can cause cancer, liver damage, enlarged prostate, diabetes, acne and baldness. Additionally, many doctors and experts don't approve of their use. They say that even though they contain natural ingredients, people can achieve the same results on their own with some more effort.

Other Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Eating eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat and nuts, particularly peanuts, can raise your testosterone levels. Do weight bearing exercises by lifting a heavy weight at five repetitions as opposed to doing many repetitions at a lower weight. Alcohol decreases testosterone levels in your body, so limit your alcohol intake. Do not let yourself be sleep deprived. People who get enough sleep maintain higher testosterone levels.

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