Skin-So-Soft to Prevent Fleas

Updated July 18, 2017

Fleas feed on the blood of people, dogs, cats and other animals. They like to live on dogs and cats, but may live on people and other animals if there is no dog or cat around. If you find one flea there surely are many more. A single pair of fleas can lay up to 2,000 eggs. The eggs on your pet fall off in your furniture, carpeting and bedding and you are faced with trying to get rid of them, which can be a very difficult task. Flea bites cause a rash with redness and severe itchiness.

Repel Fleas With Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Keep fleas off your pets to prevent your house from becoming infested. A popular Avon product, Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil, can be you and your pet's best friend for flea prevention. Research has proven that it works to repel fleas. Scientists at the University of Florida in Gainesville did tests and found that flea counts dropped 40 per cent in one day after dogs were soaked in a solution of 156gr of Skin So Soft to one gallon of water.

Fleas have a strong sense of smell, and the researchers believe that fleas don't like the woodland scent in Skin So Soft. The American Rottweiler Club recommends Skin So Soft Bath Oil as a flea repellent.

Where to Buy

Purchase Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil at or from your local Avon sales person. Repel fleas by using it on your dog, cat, you and other members of your family.

Use It as a Rinse For Your Dog

Prevent fleas from infesting your dog. After bathing your dog, put Skin So Soft in the rinse water and sponge it all over your dog. Use 42.5gr ounces of Skin So Soft per gallon of water as a final rinse for your dog. This application should last for about six days.

Use It as a Spray For Your Dog

Spray your dog's fur with Skin So Soft to prevent fleas. Mix one part of the bath oil with one part of water and pour it into a clean spritz bottle. Mist your dog all over (avoiding his face) and brush him thoroughly to make sure you've distributed the oil in all areas. Do this each day during flea season. Another plus, this should help make him smell good and is helpful if your dog has a dry coat.

Use It on Your Cat

Use Skin So Soft on your cats as a flea repellent. Spray a pet brush with the one-to-one oil and water solution, then brush out your cat's fur. This will not only repel fleas, but also will make your cat's coat nice and shiny and help with any dry skin issues.

Protect Yourself and Your Family Members

Don't forget to protect yourself and your family members. Rub Skin So Soft on areas where fleas tend to bite, such as around the waist, inside the elbows and knees and around your ankles. Also apply Skin So Soft to areas of your body where fleas have bitten to prevent repeat bites.

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