Wagner Paint Crew Sprayer Troubleshooting

Updated February 21, 2017

The Wagner Paint Crew is a contractor-grade piston pump paint sprayer also available to the homeowner. The sprayer consists of a reservoir and pumping unit, a pressure hose and a hand-held spray gun. The Wagner Paint Crew is designed to last, providing years of service. If a problem does arise, some simple troubleshooting techniques can help get the sprayer working properly again.

Starting Problems

If the sprayer fails to start, first check that the unit is plugged in and the ON/OFF switch is placed in the ON position. Also, check the wall plug to ensure it has power. If not, check the fuse to see if it needs replacing or the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. Examine any extension cords to make sure they are properly connected and in good repair. If the unit will not run after these troubleshooting steps, it must be serviced at an authorised service centre.

Paint Flow Problems

If the unit does not draw material when the PRIME/SPRAY knob is set to PRIME, check to see if the paint hopper is empty. If paint is in the hopper, ensure that the paint is not too thick for the unit to draw. Also, make sure the unit is on level ground to allow the paint to flow properly in the hopper. Examine the inlet filter to see if it is clogged and clean it, if necessary.

Sometimes the inlet or outlet valves may be stuck. If so, clean them. If this does not help, replace the valves. Check the PRIME/SPRAY valve to see if it is plugged and clear the valve, as needed.

Pressure Problems

If the sprayer is drawing material properly, but the pressure drops when the trigger on the spray gun is activated, first examine the spray tip for clogging or wear. Clean the tip or replace it, if worn out. Also, check the inlet and outlet valve assemblies for clogging or wear. Clean the assemblies or replace them, if necessary. The paint may also be too thick or coarse to spray properly and may need to be remixed to a thinner consistency. The filter in the spray gun may also need to be cleaned.

Leakage Problems

If the spray gun is leaking, check the gun filter housing to see if it is loose and tighten it, if needed. If the problem persists, it is likely that the parts within the spray gun are worn and must be serviced.

If the spray tip leaks, make sure it was assembled properly and correct mistakes in assembly, as needed. The seal on the gun may also be worn; replace it using the repair kit available from Wagner.

Spraying Problems

Ensure that the sprayer tip is not in the CLEAN position and that the PRIME/SPRAY knob is set to SPRAY. Also, check the sprayer tip and the gun filter for clogging and clean them, as needed.

Poor Spraying Pattern

Poor spraying patterns are often caused by the spray tip, spray gun filter and inlet filter for being clogged. Clear them, if required. Also, replace the spray tip, if worn. Paint that is too thick can also cause bad patterns. Remix the paint, if it is too thick.

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