Turmeric hair removal

Updated April 17, 2017

Turmeric, a golden-coloured powder is a popular spice used in Indian cuisine and gives most of its curries a vibrant hue. Native to Asia and found mainly in India, it is a major ingredient in Ayurveda (India's herbal medicine). Herbalists use turmeric to reduce asthma, arthritis, cough, cholesterol and symptoms of anaemia. Indian women employ natural alternatives for cosmetic purposes. Turmeric powder is a common ingredient that many use as a part of their daily beauty ritual. It is a popular hair inhibitor.

Natural Alternative

No woman welcomes unwanted hair. It's embarrassing and hard to accept. Although today they have access to modern-day amenities, they still resort to natural cures and treatments. These treatments are effective but need time and patience.

Do-it-yourself facial scrubs and masks created with turmeric are common choices in Indian households. They start regular application of turmeric recipes on newborn babies. Hair disappears gradually over a period. Raw turmeric for efficient hair removal also depends on many other factors: density, type of hair and your age.

Home Remedies

Indian homes have numerous beauty recipes that include turmeric. These recipes not only prevent excessive hair growth but also lighten and exfoliate the skin.

Remove unwanted hair from face, arms and legs by applying a paste of 1 tbsp of black gram flour with 1 tsp of yoghurt and a pinch or turmeric powder, recommends Evenly apply to face, relax and allow it to dry. Once completely dried, gently scrub the paste off. Turmeric removes hair, sanitises the face and adds glow. Apply baby or almond oil to soothe skin.

Gram flour is a natural cleanser and scrub, says Using gram flour alone or with turmeric reduces hair growth.

Many mix turmeric powder with milk and add directly to face, arms and legs. A paste of raw turmeric along with rock salt also acts as hair inhibitor. recommends using 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder mixed with the same amount of papaya powder, gram flour, 2 tsp of mustard oil along with a couple of drops of essential oils, as a recipe to remove unwanted hair.

Other Solutions

Although turmeric reduces hair growth, the effect is not fool proof. Other solutions to remove unwanted hair growth include shaving, waxing, tweezing or threading, depilatories, electrolysis and laser treatments, which many consider most effective.

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