Homemade Barbie & Ken fancy dresses

Updated April 17, 2017

Barbie and Ken are about as famous as the first couple. The Barbie doll was a part of a lot of people's childhoods. Going as Barbie and Ken can be a fun and easily recognisable costume idea for a couple. These costumes can be great for Halloween or for a special appearance at a party.


To be Barbie you will need girlie pink clothes and a lot of make-up. Start by applying a lot of concealer. Cover any freckles to give yourself a fake doll look. Give yourself glossy pink lips. Use a lot of eye make-up. Choose eye shadows in pinks and purples. Fake eyelashes complete the look. You can find videos online that will show you step-by-step instructions for Barbie make-up. Choose a long platinum blonde wig. A wig cap, which is a device that holds your natural hair in place, can be really helpful for underneath your wig. A puffy prom dress in pink or purple would be a great Barbie outfit. Don't forget your signature Barbie heals. Wear close-toed spiky heels in fun, bright colours. When in doubt, pink is always perfect. Wear a padded bra to give yourself that signature Barbie chest. For accessories choose bulky, loud earrings and a fun chunky bracelet. Print out the Barbie logo and glue it to a piece of cardboard to create a Barbie tag. Wear the tag as a bracelet or necklace by attaching it to yourself with ribbon.


Use a lot of bronzer if you are not tan. Ken's tan skin is one of his main characteristics. Use concealer to make your skin look fake. For hair, try to find a blonde or light brown wig that you can part neatly on the side. Make sure to find some preppy clothes. Think golf attire. Polo shirts, golf shorts and white sneakers should do the trick. The key is to match Barbie's outfit so you look like a set. If she is wearing a very fancy dress you should wear a black suit.


If you want to be funny, carry a Barbie car and regular sized keys around with you. Reference the car like it is your actual ride. Make a box for the two of you to pose in for pictures. Write "Date Night Set" on the outside of your box and paint it pink. Include the Barbie logo and you're all set. Just keep in mind that boxes can be bulky and a bit of a hassle to carry around.

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