Ideas for Electrical Outlets on a Kitchen Island

Written by chris newton | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Electrical Outlets on a Kitchen Island
A kitchen island serves many purposes in a kitchen. (kitchen image by yong hong from

A kitchen island serves many purposes. It creates more work space for cooking, becomes a buffet table at parties, is used as a dining table or sometimes is where the stove is located. Because of the versatility of a kitchen island, many people opt to install electrical sockets on it. A variety of options are available for electrical sockets on a kitchen island.

Side Walls

Installing electrical sockets on the side walls is advantageous as it helps keep power cord clutter off the island surface. Locate the outlet(s) near the top of the island side walls, 6 inches below the counter top, for easy access and to keep them out of reach of small children. The number of outlets you install depends on the size of your island; install one near the area where you do the most cooking work and possibly one on the opposite side as well. You can easily plug in portable appliances like toasters and blenders, and unplug and store the appliances when you are not using them..


You might choose to install electrical sockets on the countertop, which helps keep the outlets safe from a child's reach, but also can lead to clutter from different cords plugged into the outlet. It is also dangerous if your stove is on your island; if a cord drags across the countertop and is on or near a stove burner, the burner can cause an electrical fire when turned on, so consider the hazards of countertop outlets before installing one.

An alternative to installing outlets directly on the countertop is to place them underneath the countertop if it extends past the island's side walls. The cords reach off and under the counter, helping to control the clutter, and the outlets are hidden from plain view.


Some kitchens have vents or cabinets installed above the island. If you have this type of set up, consider placing the electrical sockets above the island, concealed on the vent or around the cabinets. Most home appliances have cords that are a few feet long and can reach to the overhead outlets with no problem. You can even store the appliances in the overhead cabinets for easy access. The outlets are way out of reach from children, and cord clutter is literally lifted off the countertop. You can also use the overhead outlets to power overhead lighting, which comes in handy when cooking on the island.

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