Permanent hair color removal

Updated April 17, 2017

Permanent hair colour removal must be done properly. If not, you risk damaging your hair and may experience hair loss or uneven colour removal. Read and follow all directions if you plan to use a hair colour remover product at home. If you have any doubts about your ability to use a home colour remover product, consult your favourite cosmetologist.

What It Does

A colour removal product is used to remove all artificial colouring from your hair, whether it is a permanent or semi-permanent colour. Additionally, the product removes a portion of your natural colour in order to prepare your hair for a new colour. Color removal should be used only when there is no other viable solution to remove an unwanted colour or shade.

How To

Although not a difficult process, hair colour removal is a precise procedure in which the user must thoroughly understand the instructions. In all cases, the colour remover product is applied similarly to a colour application. The product is designed to process (or "set") for a period of time, such as 20 minutes. After the set time, the product is shampooed out of the hair, leaving the hair ready for recolor. Once the hair is recolored, use a colour shampoo and conditioner for maximum protection of your hair.

Rusk Elimin8

Elimin8 Color Corrector is made by Rusk and is available only to professional cosmetologists. Elimin8 uses a colour reversal process and is effective on all types and colours of hair. Elimin8 will not affect your hair's natural pigment. The two-part formula is precisely mixed in a 1:2 ratio to combine both a colour reducer and a conditioner. It can be applied to the entire hair or only the portions that require colour correction. A new colour can be applied immediately following the colour correction.


L'Oreal offers several hair colour remover products for home use. These products can be purchased at most drug and department stores that sell L'Oreal products. Complete instructions for colour removal are included in the package. It is recommended that you follow the directions and perform a strand test before doing a full colour removal.

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