Home remedy for cat flea allergy

Updated April 17, 2017

Fleas are small, wingless creatures that cause animals, such as cats, to scratch and bite themselves when bitten. If a cat is allergic to fleas, just one bite can cause make the kitty extremely uncomfortable. Your veterinarian can prescribe medications to alleviate the symptoms, but they are often harsh and potentially hazardous to your cat's health. As an alternative, try home remedies for your cat's flea allergy that are safer and can be just as effective as mainstream treatments.

Eliminating the Fleas

The first step in helping your cat's flea allergy is eliminating the fleas from the kitty's body. Unless you do this, the fleas will continue to bite. The simplest way to remove the fleas from short-haired cats is by using a flea comb. The flea comb will capture the fleas in its teeth. Remove the flea and place it in a cup of soapy water. Fleas tend to frequent the head, abdomen and trunk, therefore, pay close attention to these areas. You can spray a combination of equal parts water and white vinegar on your cat, as well as any bedding. In addition, pouring hydrogen peroxide over your kitty's body will also kill the fleas. This can also be helpful if your cat has sores from scratching. Be careful not to get the peroxide in hits face or ears.

Wash any bedding in hot water and follow up by spin in the dryer. Vacuum your furniture and carpet every other day.

Relieving Flea Allergies

If a cat has a flea allergy, it will most likely lose hair in large patches on its body and will have scabs and sores all over. Once the fleas are removed, you can start to help alleviate the uncomfortable sensations your cat is feeling. Witchhazel and marigold are both naturally effective with helping to control any itchiness your cat may be feeling, in addition to promoting skin health and support. Additionally, German chamomile helps to soothe and reduce inflammation on skin and the herb cleavers is helpful in expelling toxins from the body, which is helpful when trying to alleviate flea allergy dermatitis. Look for shampoos or tonics that contain these ingredients at your pet or herb store. Bathing your cat in cool water with collodial oatmeal shampoos can help to relieve dry, irritated skin. Be sure to use cool water, as the hot water can further irritate and aggravate the skin.

It may take some time, but once you have eliminated the fleas from the cat and environment and started to use natural remedies for your kitty's flea allergies, her hair will grow back and her skin will start to clear up. The length of time for the condition to resolve depends on the cat and the severity of her allergy.

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