The professional way to throw darts

Written by daniel westlake | 13/05/2017

Darts are an enjoyable game that can be played in local bars or in the comfort of your home. The secret to being a good darts player is the ability to be accurate from a set distance time and time again. Professional dart players have the ability to hit specific sections of the dart board consistently, based on their throwing technique, stance and concentration.


Stance is incredibly important when throwing darts. A good one makes you steady and allows you to hit specific areas consistently. Try to keep your legs straight but relaxed, with feet spread apart so your upper body is supported and less likely to move. Your upper arm should also be held steady as you throw, so only your forearm, wrist and hand are releasing the dart. Do not swing, jump or bend your knees when you throw the dart, as people are liable to do. You are not shooting a basketball--darts are incredibly light objects that don't need much power behind them to hit the dart board.


Concentration plays an integral role in consistently throwing a dart accurately. Much like other sports such as golf and bowling, the secret is being able to repeat the same motion time and time again. But the key to darts is you have to make minor adjustments based on where you are aiming. Confidence plays into this concentration element as well. Your body will respond to your brain knowing you will be able to consistently hit a specific target. Of course, this is all easier said than done and even the best professionals have a difficult time mastering this aspect of the game.

Holding the Dart

The dart should be held at a level position with the elbow up at a straight angle. Keep the dart pointed toward the board. Where it is pointing is your focus and intended target. Your grip should be solid but relaxed without putting any tension on your fingers. It's better to grasp the dart loosely then too tight. Only hold the dart with two fingers and your thumb. When you throw it, release it in the direction of where you want it to land and the dart will do all the work. Putting spin on the dart is also unnecessary and will only serve to hurt the consistency of your shots.

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