Blue Power Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner

Updated April 17, 2017

Everyone from kennel owners to veterinarians has told dog owners about the blue power dog ear cleaner. The simple and inexpensive treatment works on several conditions, including ear infections and mites. The solution contains three ingredients that are mixed together and applied to a dog's ears.


The required ingredients for this homemade remedy are basic. You will need 473ml of isopropyl alcohol, 4 tbsp of boric acid powder and 16 drops of 1 per cent gentian violet solution. Substitute witch hazel for the alcohol is the ears are severely inflamed or sore. Also, if you can also find a 2 per cent gentian violet solution, use only eight drops. The purpose of the boric acid powder is to soothe and relieve the ear. The gentian violet works as an anti-infection agent.

You should be able to locate these ingredients at a local drug store or pharmacy. The blue power treatment is used to treat ear mites, infections, earwax build-up, hot spots, cuts and fungal infections in the ears.

Mix all ingredients together in the alcohol bottle and shake it up. Remember to shake the bottle well each time before you use it so the boric acid powder will be evenly distributed.

There are several ways to apply the blue power treatment. Use a squirt bottle to apply the treatment to the ears or an ear syringe, which you can buy at most drug stores. You could also use a hair dye bottle, which you can purchase at beauty supply stores.


Use the blue power treatment twice a day for up to the first two weeks. How long you do the twice-a-day treatment depends on the severity of your dog's ears. Drop the treatment down to once a day or another one or two weeks. Once this course is completed, use the solution once a month or less if your dog's ears don't need it.

To apply the treatment, shake the bottle and flood the ear with the mixture. Massage the ears gently. Your dog should then shake out any excess solution so stand back.


Remember the blue power treatment is for external care only. Take care not to get the solution in your dog's eyes. Consult with a veterinarian before performing the blue power treatment or trying to treat any ear problems. Make sure your dog does not have a ruptured eardrum. If he does, the blue power treatment may further damage your dog's hearing. It's best to perform the treatment outdoors and wear old clothes because the gentian violet stains clothing and fabrics.

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