Remedy for squirrels in attic

Squirrels are common animals in industrial environments. They tend to live in the trees of local parks, but may take up residence in the trees surrounding your home. Squirrels can become a pest if they invade your house and begin to live in the crawl spaces in your attic. There are various means to effectively remove them from your attic.

Non-Toxic Removal

According to experts at, there is a non-toxic solution called, Evictor that is an exceptionally effective means of removing squirrels from your attic. This product can also be used for removing other rodents as well. Evictor is not a chemical based product; rather it is a device that emits a high-intensity strobe light that flashes about ninety times per second. Since squirrels have light sensitive eyes, the strobe light is extremely uncomfortable and the squirrel will quickly evacuate the attic. The Evictor will usually eliminate all the squirrels in your attic within one to two days of use. While they are gone you can secure any holes the squirrels were using to enter your house.


If you decide against using the Evictor, or are unable to obtain the product, you can rely on more traditional means such as trapping. This technique is less efficient than the Evictor, but is an alternative means. does not recommend traps designed to kill the squirrels because it is inhumane and can cause the spread of disease. Rather, use live traps that bait the squirrels with sunflower seeds and unshelled peanuts.

Place one or two traps in the attic and a couple more outside the home where you believe the squirrels have entered the attic. Use larger traps the size of 24-inch by 7-inch by 7-inch for the traditional ground squirrel or tree squirrel. If you are dealing with flying squirrels you will want to use a smaller trap that is shorter in length at about 17 inches. Make sure to release the squirrel a good distance away from your home so that they do not return to your attic. Additionally, you can call the local Animal Control Department to remove the rodents.

Additional Tips

Once you removed all of the squirrels from the attic, prepare the attic to prevent additional intrusion. Make sure to close any holes in which the squirrels entered the attic. When sealing these holes, you can use a product called, Ro-pel to repel the squirrels from your attic. You should also remove any food sources in the area that may be attracting the squirrel. This could be a bird feeder or dustbins adjacent to your home. You can also spray the area around the attic with a product called Critter Ridder.

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