Easy shawl patterns to crochet

Updated February 21, 2017

Crocheted shawls are a quick and easy wrap to throw around your shoulders indoors or out. Soft baby-fine yarn or crochet cotton is used for a more elegant shawl appropriate for a wedding or evening gown covering. You will find hundreds of colours in 2-ply yarn for the easy-to-use coat and sweater substitutes. Choose solid or multicoloured yarn for your shawl projects that fit children or adults. You will find easy shawl patterns to crochet in crochet magazines, pattern sites and crafting books.

Patterns, Stitches and Hooks

The single, double and treble stitches are the dominant stitches in easy-to-make crocheted shawls. The shell pattern is a stitch that will enable you to make a shawl quickly with a large hook. Use metal or plastic hooks from sizes J, K, L, M and on to Q to make large stitches that fill in the bulk of the outerwear piece more quickly.


The foundation or beginning chain is the most important part of the shawl pattern that must be done correctly. Take the extra time to read the directions thoroughly. Count each stitch in the beginning foundation chain and make sure that the number is correct. The foundation chain will determine the length of your easy-to-crochet shawl. The foundation stitches are usually single or double crochet stitches that are crocheted into the chain. You will note that the pattern calls for a gauge measurement, which is important to maintain. Switch to a larger or smaller crochet hook to create the measurement that the gauge calls for. An entire shawl can be easily be made with double or treble stitches with a chain-one space in between each stitch. Shawls are also known as stoles in vintage patterns. A shawl can be round, square or rectangular.

Shell Shawl

Purchase a K hook and at least 425gr of soft 2-ply yarn for a large, shell stitch that is easily made for a shawl. Crochet a chain with 93 stitches. Double crochet in the third chain from the hook and follow with 89 more double crochet stitches. Turn and chain 3 stitches to start your Row 1. Chain 4 stitches and double crochet in the first double crochet on the end closest to your hook. Crochet 1 double crochet, chain 1 and 2 double crochets in the same stitch. This is a shell stitch. (2 double crochet, chain 1, 2 double crochet) Chain 1 after the shell stitch. Skip 2 of the stitches and make a shell in the next double crochet stitch. Chain 1 and continue making shell stitches across the length of the top of row one. You will end with a single double crochet in the last double crochet of the foundation row.

Row 2: Turn. Chain 4, Make a shell in the chain-1 space of the first shell in the previous row. Chain 1, crochet a shell in the space of the second shell. Continue crocheting shells down the length of the garment in progress. Finish with a double crochet at the end of the row, turn, chain 4 and begin crocheting Row 3. Continue crocheting rows until the shawl is the length that you want. A good length will start from the base of your neck and go to your hip area. Finish the shawl with a double crochet in the end of the final row and tie off. You can make a shawl with the same foundation chain and row with a popcorn stitch pattern for the entire garment. The shawl can be enhanced further with a simple fringe or tassels. This shawl is approximately 53 inches wide and has a slight ruffling effect.

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