Do it yourself picture frame kits

Updated November 21, 2016

Picture frames are a home decor staple in countries all around the world. They are a great way to display family memories, photographs, paintings or other artwork. Sometimes, the perfect picture frame can't be found in a store but rather needs to be made. Fortunately, picture frames are an extremely easy do-it-yourself project, especially for beginners.

Picture Frame Kits

Locating a picture frame kit may be easier said than done. This is not because of a lack of framing kits, but rather trying to find the perfect picture frame kit to suit your needs, wants and overall style or theme. You can also create your own frame kit by purchasing the necessary materials at a local craft or art store. Before buying your chosen framing kit, measure your photograph or artwork. If you're framing a photograph, determine if you would also like a mat around the picture, as this will add additional inches to the overall measurement. Using your measurements, you can ensure that your photograph or artwork will fit properly into the chosen frame. Framing kits will vary on what each kit includes. Some kits will only include half the frame itself, while other kits may include the entire frame, matting, mounting board, the glass or acrylic cover, and even the hardware to hang it. Make sure you read the fine print so you know what to expect in your kit and what extra purchases you'll need to make in order to have a complete frame.


Assembling a picture frame is an easy process. For each corner of the frame, you will need to apply wood glue (or another type of material-appropriate glue) to the 45 degree angle of each corner. Each corner will also be held together by a wooden peg or other type of insert. The glue will help seal the corner while the insert, also known as a locking key, provides support to the entire frame. Allow the frame to dry several hours before adding the artwork, matting or backing to the frame. When the frame is dry, install the hanging hardware to the backside of the frame.

For Photographs

If you are framing photographs, be sure to use acid-free tape or glue when assembling the frame and adhering the photograph to the mat and mounting board. Otherwise, a few months down the road, the acid in the glue or tape could ruin your photographs. Once the frame is complete, you can assemble the rest of the project. Attach the photograph to the mat frame using acid-free tape. Next, line up the matting to the mounting board and place it within the frame. The frame should come with small wooden pegs or inserts for the inner edges in order to hold everything within the frame. If not, you can make your own inserts using a small knife or a drill. Last, hang your frame on the wall and enjoy.

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