Do it Yourself Resurfacing for Concrete Patios

Updated December 21, 2016

Concrete patios are a wonderful extension of a house. Unfortunately, they often develop unsightly cracks over time. Concrete can also stain. The good news is that there are a wide variety of concrete patio resurfacing products available. You can resurface concrete patios in no time, giving them a whole new look. Many patio resurface products allow you to not only repair the concrete but to change its colour as well as its surface texture.

Assess Your Concrete Patio

Decide what kind of concrete patio resurfacing project you want to undertake. You could opt to just fix cracks and blend the repairs with the existing surface. You could also opt to do a resin-modified cementitious overlay. This patio-resurfacing project takes a bit of skill and your patio needs to be in good shape to attempt it. Most do-it-yourselfers opt to do a simple patio resurface that removes the cracks and puts a thin new veneer of concrete on the patio. This new resurfaced concrete can be a traditional grey concrete colour or it can have colour added to it to help change the overall appearance of your patio. This option also allows you the choice of adding texture if you like.

Prepare for Resurfacing

Remove any loose debris from the cracks in the patio. You can use a power washer to do this. If necessary, use a hammer and chisel to remove the larger pieces. Make sure the patio surface is clean before you begin so the resurfacing concrete can get a good bond. Use furring strips as edging to keep the resurface concrete in place. Set the wood against the edge of the existing patio. Use stakes to hold the furring strips in place. Make sure the strips are level so your finished concrete patio remains level. Order your concrete. Most patio resurface concrete is just sand and cement plus water. If you are doing a thicker layer for your concrete patio resurfacing, you can add pea-sized gravel.

Resurface the Concrete Patio

Choose a day that is overcast and within the 50-to-60 degree F range for best results. Mix a bonding "paint" out of Portland cement and water. Brush or pour this on the patio just before adding the concrete. Mix the concrete. It should be about the consistency of pancake batter. Add colour if desired. Put the concrete on the patio. Use trowels to work it into place. Add texture if you wish. Cover the concrete with plastic wrap and let it cure. Remove the furring strips and stakes when the concrete is set.

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