Can Abdominal Exercises Cure Wrinkly Belly Skin?

Updated April 17, 2017

Loose or wrinkly skin on the belly can be the result of a couple of different causes--one being pregnancy and the other through a dramatic loss of weight. If you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, your skin gets stretched out and can lose its elasticity. Once the weight is gone, the skin can hang and look unattractive, rather than taut and toned. If you have loose skin you want to get rid of you may think the only option is surgery; however there are ways to help tighten loose skin through exercising.

Weight Training

Exercise offers a lot of benefits, not only for your muscles but your skin too. If you have lost a significant amount of weight or had a baby, you may be dealing with more than extra pounds. You may also have excess skin, or loose and wrinkly belly skin that needs some toning. You can actually tighten and firm up that loose skin with a little hard work.

Exercise can help tighten and firm loose skin. You will need a lot of exercise, as well as a well-rounded exercise routine in order to accomplish your goals. One of the best forms of exercise for tightening loose skin is weight training. When using weights, it is important to work all muscle groups. Using each muscle group also requires you to use your stomach muscles, which helps tighten loose skin.


Cardiovascular workouts are important for tightening loose, wrinkly belly skin. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio each day--more if you can. You should also do as many different types of cardio as you can, such as swimming, biking, running and aerobics. The more you change it up, the more muscles you will be working to burn calories and tone loose skin, since each type of exercise requires different techniques and uses different muscles.

As with all exercises, do not overdo it in the beginning. Add time and exercises gradually to avoid injury.

Yoga Pose

Yoga is a great complimentary exercise routine. One particular pose, known as the Bhujangasana, is great for the stomach. It will help tone and firm wrinkly belly skin. This exercise requires you to lie flat on your stomach and raise your head up and off the ground as high as you can.

To get into the pose, keep both of your hands by the side of your chest with your palms down. Raise your elbows up in a grasshopper position while your forehead is still on the ground. Slowly lift your head, chin, neck and your chest cavity off the floor. Roll yourself back until your naval is on the floor. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute.

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