Home remedies for armpit rash

Updated May 03, 2018

An armpit rash can have several causes, among them shaving irritation, an allergic reaction or even a fungus. Before you head to your doctor's office for a prescription cream, try some home remedies. These remedies are easy to implement and work well if you know the source of the rash.


Shaving your armpits with a razor can cause a rash. This is because the blade cuts too close to the skin. Razor bumps form, and the skin becomes irritated and red. To cure an underarm rash caused by shaving, you need aloe vera. Aloe vera contains vitamins C and E and zinc, which speed healing of a rash. Aloe vera is also an anti-inflammatory. Twice a day, cut off a piece of an aloe vera plant and wipe the aloe over your rash. The aloe will feel cool, which will give you some relief if the rash burns. Do this until the rash is gone. If you don't have an aloe vera plant, the gel is available at most pharmacies.

Allergic Reaction

If you have switched soaps or deodorants lately, an allergic reaction can be the cause of your armpit rash. The most important thing to do is stop using the soap or deodorant. Your body will naturally heal, but you will want to use a vitamin E capsule to ease the discomfort of the rash until it clears up. Use a pin to pop the vitamin E capsule. Squeeze the capsule, and the oil will come out. Spread it over the rash once a day.


Underarms are often warm and moist. These are the perfect conditions for a fungus. If you believe your rash may be the result of a fungal infection, you need an all natural anti-fungal treatment. Tree tea oil is perfect for the job, because it stops the growth of the fungus so that the rash can begin to clear up and go away. Tree tea oil comes in a liquid. You can place three drops of tree tea oil on your armpit rash once a day until it is completely healed. In the meantime, keep your underarms cool and dry so that the fungus does not have what it needs to thrive.

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