Home remedy for treatment of a cyst on a dog's back

Updated April 17, 2017

Animals get cysts and other growths just like people do. Veterinarian Mike Richards of Vet Info Online says cysts are common on dogs, especially benign cysts on dogs like cocker spaniels and retrievers. He suggests several strategies to treat a cyst on your dog's back safely and comfortably.

Non-Ruptured Cyst

Treat a non-ruptured cyst, a raised growth or lump on your dog's back, by leaving it alone. The only way to completely remove a cyst is to have the vet surgically remove it. If you do not opt for this treatment, do not touch a non-ruptured cyst. Allow it to resolve on its own. Dr. Richards states that most cysts resolve themselves, either by getting smaller and disappearing, or by rupturing. Do not treat the cyst unless signs of infection are present. Remove the cyst only by asking your vet to do so surgically. Shave the area around the cyst if you want to see it better, check for infection or prepare for surgery.

Ruptured Cyst

Treat ruptured cysts on your dog's back by shaving the area around the cyst. Clean any pus or residue from the skin with a soft, wet rag. Leave the sore open, and do not rub on the sore itself. If the sore on your dog's back is in a place that he can reach, he will lick it and clean it correctly. If your dog cannot reach the cyst, gently wipe it with a damp rag every day to insure no dirt or particles get into the cyst. Watch the ruptured cyst for signs of infection.


Monitor intact cysts and ruptured cysts for infection. Dr. Richards suggests several signs to look out for, including swelling at the area, raised redness around the edges of the cyst, skin hardness at the edges of the cyst, and fever or vomiting. If your dog has any of these symptoms, whether the cyst has ruptured or not, take your dog to the vet right away.

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