Diy van tool storage

Updated April 17, 2017

A van does not have to be used only to carry the kids back and forth to soccer games and school. Your van can also be something you work out of. Tool boxes meant for cars, vans and trucks can be expensive and bulky, and if you are using your van to transport your family and all of their stuff, you might not have room for a store-bought van tool storage container. A DIY van tool storage unit is easy to make and helps you bring your tools along with you, no matter where you go.

Plastic Bins

Measure the area behind the back seats of your van. This is the floor space between the edge of the back seat and the inside of the hatch back. In some vans, it is only about 1 foot long and the width of the van. Other vans have longer floor spaces.

Purchase several small plastic storage bins from a discount store. Keep your dimensions in mind. For tool storage, an "under bed" storage box and two shoe-box-sized storage boxes work well. If your space is not large enough to accommodate the "under bed" storage box, go for a taller and narrower model. Each discount or department store has a different selection of bins, and each van interior is different. Take your measurements from store to store until you find a bin that covers the most space inside your van. You might also use a combination of smaller bins to fill up the space.

Attaching the Bins

Place the bins side by side on the floor of your van between the hatchback and the back of the rear seat. Smaller bins might be placed inside larger ones to allow for more room. In this case, the smaller bins will act as dividers for the larger one to help you organise your tools.

Drill holes into the bottom of the floor of your van if your van has a carpet or plastic material floor. For vans with metal floors, see if there are grooves or hooks already in place in the metal floor. Lay several long bungee cords over the bins and hook them into the holes you have drilled or into the metal floor grooves or hooks already in place. The bungee cords should be stretched over both ends of each bin that is on the floor of your van.

You can customise this step for your particular van. If you can drill holes into the side of the interior, you can attach bungee cords there. If you have seat belt hooks, cup holders or other items already built into the interior of your van, use your creativity to figure out how to attach the bungee cord hooks to these places to hold your bins secure.


Organise your tools into the plastic bins. Bigger tools should go into bigger bins and smaller tools should go into smaller bins. You have two options for the lids of the bins. You can put the lids back on them, taking care to use a drill or saw to cut out the areas where bungee cords make this impossible. That way, you can place items like groceries, sports equipment, or suitcases on top of the bins when needed. If you use your van and tools each day, you might choose to discard the lids and leave the bins open for access.

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