What Color Curtains to Match a Sage Bedroom Wall?

Updated February 21, 2017

Sage green walls provide an ideal backdrop for inspired bedroom curtains. Earthy and natural, a sage green shade is more interesting than a neutral tone, but won't steal the attention away from window coverings and other room decor. Play with curtain colours to create a variety of looks, from artsy and eclectic to sophisticated and modern.

Nature-Inspired Curtains

Enhance your sage green walls by using natural-hued curtains. Play up the earthy quality of green by choosing sandy tan or rich chocolate brown curtains. Buy curtains made of organic cotton to create a nature-inspired, eco-friendly space.

Soft Yellow Curtains

Brighten up the look of sage green walls by hanging soft, butter yellow curtains. The sunny shade will blend beautifully with the green colour, while adding a fresh pop of colour to the space. Complete the look by using yellow decor items, such as a comforter or quilt.

Lace Curtains

Add an elegant look to your bedroom by using cream-coloured lace curtains. Decorating with lace will give your bedroom on-trend vintage appeal. Sage green, which is a muted shade, will provide a complimentary background for the soft and romantic window coverings. Finish the look by decorating with antique flower vases and framed black-and-white prints.

White Linen Curtains

White linen curtains will add a fresh, modern look to a room with sage green walls. The neutral-toned window coverings will allow the green colour to take centre stage. For a tranquil look, set out clear glass or silver-toned vases filled with elegant white flowers, such as calla lilies or orchids.

Printed Curtains

Have fun with your green walls by looking for printed curtains. Create a nature theme in your bedroom by choosing window coverings featuring bird designs or green leaf patterns. Go for a tropical look by buying curtains with bamboo and palm frond images.

Monochromatic Curtains

Go for a monochromatic look by choosing matching sage green curtains. Doing this will allow your bedroom furniture and decor to become the focal point of the room. Choose a comforter or chair in a standout shade, such as lemon yellow or vibrant coral.

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