Good anti-aging skin care on a budget

Updated April 17, 2017

Expensive anti-ageing products are not necessarily the best options for your mature skin. Ingredients such as retinol, copper peptides, hydroxyacids and coenzyme Q10 are present in both drugstore and department store anti-ageing creams. Thus, there is little incentive to spend double or triple as much on one brand or another.

Necessary Ingredients

Retinol is one of the main ingredients in all anti-ageing creams. It is an antioxidant that helps reverse free radical damage. Free radicals are atoms that can damage DNA and healthy cells. When free radicals damage skin cells, the skin loses its vibrancy and elasticity. When choosing an anti-ageing wrinkle cream, make sure retinol is a primary ingredient. As long as this vital ingredient is present in the cream, you don't have to shelve out more money for the expensive brands. Also, look for coenzyme Q10 and copper peptides to be in the ingredients list.

Remember that non-prescription anti-ageing creams contain active ingredients in low doses and even the expensive ones will only give temporary results. Thus, your budget is better served if you buy one of the less expensive brands. Just like the more expensive brands, these are reviewed by dermatologists and skin care experts before being put out into the market.


Moisturisers are a major part of any good anti-ageing skin care regimen. A moisturiser used daily will greatly improve the overall quality of your skin, making it feel soft and look smooth. A moisturiser will also make skin look younger and more supple especially because as skin ages it tends to lose moisture. You can purchase highly effective ones for very little money. For added benefit, get a moisturiser that has at least SPF 15 to protect your skin against further sun damage. The sun is skin's worst enemy as one ages.

If you don't want to pay for a brand name moisturiser, you can use natural moisturisers such as castor oil. Dab on a few drops and rub the oil all over your skin. Another good natural moisturiser is vitamin E. You can buy vitamin E capsules, poke holes in them and squeeze out the liquid. Apply to skin at least once a day as part of your anti-ageing skin care routine.

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