Do-it-yourself padded fabric panels

Updated April 17, 2017

Padded fabric panels add character and style to a room and are easy to make. You can create walls that tell a story with nature scenes or ones embellished with richly coloured tapestry fabrics. Give your children a playroom they will love to spend time in with fabric panels that feature their favourite cartoon characters or storybook heroes. All you need is some batting, fabric, a staple gun and some thin trim boards for framing.

Wall Decoration

Create a visual masterpiece by adding padded fabric panels to wall areas. You can add panel sections to an existing wall or paint to create a fresh background for your panel pieces. You can cover as much or as little of the wall as you like. For example, you can create a visual focal point by covering the entire wall behind your headboard in fabric. Or, you can use different coloured and patterned fabric strips to create a pattern around the room. Draw your wall decorating plan on paper. Use your plan as a buying guide for materials.

Take a trip to the fabric store for ideas before deciding how much wall you'd like to cover. Let your imagination run free. Alternate picture panels with stripe or floral panels. Use a variety of colours that complement the existing or planned decoration for your bedroom. Purchase one yard of fabric for every two panels. This will accommodate a panel length that is 20 inches wide and 36 inches long. You can make the panels longer by buying more material.

Use a chalk line, ruler and level to mark the space on the wall where you'd like your panels to go. Draw the rectangle outline of the space lightly with a pencil. Cut a piece of thick batting in the exact shape as your outline. Tack the batting to the wall with a staple gun. Use more than one layer of batting for extra thick panels. Next, place the 36 x 20-inch piece of material over the batting and secure to the wall with staples. Finish each panel by making a picture frame out of thin trim boards.

Spruce up your Ceilings

You can use the same techniques to create fabric patterns for your ceiling. Simplify the process by cutting panels to fit purchased picture frames. Make a nursery ceiling spectacular with panels of different baby animals alternated with panels of soft fluffy clouds. Find nursery fabric pattern ideas at

Use toggle bolts to attach the picture frames to the ceiling. Pre-drill the holes into the frame to make them easier to hang. The toggle bolts will hold the frame and the panel fabric securely in place.

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