Can you put synthetic motor oil in a lawn mower?

Updated February 21, 2017

For years the only option available when changing the oil in your lawnmower was to replace it with regular motor oil. These were always the standard 10W-40/30 types that were so common and available almost anywhere automotive supplies were sold. With the emergence of synthetic oils, however, most car manufacturers now recommend them after a new engine break-in period. But what about the engines in lawnmowers?

Using a Synthetic Oil

Virtually all synthetic motor oils are slipperier than regular motor oils and therefore provide an increased amount of engine protection every time they are used. Lawnmower engines will benefit in the same way. Briggs and Stratton, America's premier small engine builder, markets its own brand of synthetic oil that can be used in its own manufactured small engines as well as other manufacturer's products.

To that end petroleum giant Mobil also markets a brand of synthetic oil called Mobil 1. It specifically states that the synthetic motor oil will work well in Honda-supplied small engines. Both Briggs and Stratton, as well as Honda, are two of the largest small engine suppliers in the world. If synthetic motor oil is recommended for these two companies' small engines, any small engine should benefit from synthetic oil, including lawnmower engines.

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