DIY bouquet holder

Updated April 17, 2017

A bouquet holder provides a bride with an attractive container in which to carry her bouquet down the aisle. Unlike a simple wrap of ribbon around the stems of a bouquet, a bouquet holder is meant to add an extra touch to the bouquet itself, or in the case of shorter stem or silk flowers, a convenient and functional display. With a few simple supplies a bride can easily craft her own bouquet holder for her wedding day.

Traditional bouquet holder

Attaching a piece of floral foam to the end of a wooden dowel is all that is needed to create a traditional bouquet holder. The wooden dowel should be about 12.5 to 15 cm (5 to 6 inches) long, depending on how comfortably the bride can grip the length of the dowel without disturbing her floral arrangement. Floral foam is available in various shapes and is easy to cut down or reshape with a knife or sharp edge. Square or dome shaped foam will work best and the size should match the intended size and shape of the bouquet. When using fresh flowers, a small wooden platform will need to be attached in between the foam and the dowel. A hot glue gun or heavy duty glue is recommended.

Floral cone

A floral cone, also referred to as a “Tussie Mussie,” makes for a beautiful bouquet holder. Attractive craft or scrapbook paper can be cut into a triangle and rolled into the shape of a cone. In order to roll the cone start from the left bottom corner of the triangle and roll towards the top corner, keeping the bottom pinched together and the lip of the cone open, and continue rolling from there. Attach clear tape or white craft glue to the seam of the cone to keep it in place. Fringe and ribbon can be added to enhance the design of the cone. For a more classic appeal use silver coloured paper to imitate the look of metal. Alternatively, cone shaped wicker baskets can be used for more casual affairs.

Decorative covering

Attaching a decorate covering to the tied stems of a bouquet is an alternative method for creating the look of a bouquet holder without actually constructing one. Tying a cluster of bows around the base of a bouquet adds visual interest while providing more grip for the bride. An artfully arranged mass of tulle around the base and collar of a bouquet, tied down with ribbon, can also create a fanciful look. Large green leaves or swathes of satin fabric can also be wrapped around the base of a bouquet, and tucked in at the collar, to create an original floral arrangement.

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